Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spiderman No More!

Spiderman No More!
   C'Mon Man! #3

Why can't our superheroes be left alone. Why the insistence on making our comic book marvels politically correct? When DC made Green Lantern an African American, I didn't balk. In Brightest day and darkest night has nothing to do with skin color. If a black man is wearing the green tights, I've got no beef.

When Superman renounced his US Citizenship; however, I cried foul. There was no defensible plot line except playing to the overtly anti-American overseas audience. When Captain America was no longer called Captain America in places like Japan and Germany...well...OK. The Japs and Krauts get a pass on that one! I wouldn't go see a movie called Captain Viet Cong, either.

But making Spiderman a "half-black half-Hispanic" possibly gay, neurotic, teenager is just wayyyyyyy over the top. C'mon man!? If y'all want to kill off Peter Parker and replace him with a Hispanic Pedro Gonzales, I'm fine with that. Or, a Jewish Paul Horowitz. Knock youself out! But playing to the p/c stuff to that degree is simply insulting.

I stoped reading comic books when I was about 14-15. And my son doesn't read them for several reasons (mostly because he enjoys reading novels and the fact that I can't afford them. I'd have to mortgage the parsonage to keep him comic books.) But if I/we did, rest assured it wouldn't be any of that p/c crap.

I say again: C'mon man!

No, no! C'mon, Stan! For real!?

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