Friday, April 29, 2011

C'mon, Man! #1


So, DC Comics is keeping pace with Marvel, in a, "Hey, we're not really "American" super heroes. wink. wink." public relations stunt. Marvel has dropped a portion of the title for its upcoming movie about Captain America, releasing the film under the name The First Avenger outside of the US.

Now DC says that in an upcoming Action Comic it will have Superman renounce his US Citizenship in front if the United Nations. C'mon, man! Really?!

So much for Truth, Justice, and the American way. I suppose it's now truth, justice, and the way of corruption and bureaucracy. aka the United Nations. Next I suppose he will start wearing tights colored that wimpy baby-blue of the UN helmets instead of the red and blue of Old Glory, and change the S on his pajama top to an O for Nietzsche’s Overman.

I have one question for the "artists" and PR people at Marvel and DC:
"If the people of other countries won't buy a comic book or movie ticket because the superheroes are "too American," then why on God's green earth are those self-same people fighting to get the chance to own American comic books and to see American movies? Not to mention their desperate attempts to move here.”

I remember my dad telling me how Ford, realizing that the majority of the people buying the T-bird were middle-aged white men, redesigned the car to look like a middle-aged white man's car. Then they wondered why only old women started buying them. In-other-words, don't pay so much attention to what people what they do.

So...Stan? If you and the folks over at DC keep watering down the Americanized part of our supers, don't be surprised, Mr. Lee, when the only people going to see Wonder Woman, are Taliban women in full length burqas.


Terry said...

Isn't Superman an illegal alien anyway?

Steve said...

Ha! Great one, Terry. Yes, a very illegal alien.