Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Freedom To Write


Today is Veteran's Day.

All across the country, in small towns and villages, at American Legion Halls and VFW's, at Arlington and a million other cemeteries all across our great land, people will honor the men and women who have served, fought, sacrificed, and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

You woke up this morning, turned on your computer, and logged into your internet browser. You found this site through Google, Facebook, Friend-Connect, or, maybe you just stumbled across it searching the web. And you did all of that because a veteran served with you, or in your stead, to help keep these freedoms we so often take for granted. The very fact that I can write these words without fear of reprisal from a British Sovereign, or a corrupt Mexicali Government, or 1,000 year totalitarian German Regime, or a Communist Comrade is all because of the sacrifice of our Veterans. (And, parenthetically, an Islamist cleric, thanks to our present day military service members.)

So I say, on behalf of a sometimes forgetful, sometimes neglectful, yet always needful nation--Thank You members of our military, and to all of our veterans, and to their families. On this day especially, may The LORD bless you and keep you; may the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; may the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Navy Family

I wish I could find some more pictures of my family in the Navy, but here are a few of them....

 Uncle Cliff. I was closest to him, spent several summers with him and Martha in late 70's. He was in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. He was on the USS Princeton (CVL 23) . She was hit by a Jap 500lb bomb on the morning of October 24, 1944. Fires spread and eventually a huge explosion rocked the ship, most likely from the bomb arsenal. This not only damaged the Princeton, but also the USS Birmingham that had come along side for Damage Control operations. Around 3:30, the order was given to abandon ship. Uncle Cliff went over the side and landed flatfooted on a gun turret. He broke both of his feet. He was in the water for almost 48 hours, and at one point was buzzed by a Jap fighter, but he didn't fire on them. Cliff told me he figured the pilot didn't have any ammo, and was probably a Kamikaze.Grandma was told he was "Missing at sea" and didn't hear that he was alive for weeks, until he was back at Pearl in a Navvy hospital. He was a great man and I reveled in his stories. He is an America hero.

USS Princeton (CVL 23) shortly after being hit by a Japanese bomb during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. 10/24/1944

 Uncle Joe. I never met Uncle Joe. Cliff told me many stories about Joe and his WWII stories, but I can only remember bits and pieces. Wish I knew more.

Uncle Al. Again, I wish I knew some stories to tell. But, brother, check out that dog dish! I've never seen one that far back on someone's head!  And the Clarke Gable mustache. What a looker! No wonder he won Aunt Marie!

and, then is my Dad. Check out the wings on his hat. You can tell he was an airman!

And lastly, me! Man, that's a good looking sailor! Squ...aa...ared Away and Outstanding!