Thursday, November 5, 2009

From Peanuts to the Pressbox by Eli Gold

If you read my blog you know that I love college football. So, it was with great anticipation that I waited for From Peanuts to the Pressbox by Eli Gold to arrive. I found the book to be light and entertaining. Not quite what I had expected from someone who had a childhood dream of wanting to be a sports announcer. I had hoped that the book would be filled with antidotes and wisdom, something a little more inspiring. I did like the book, it just left me wanting more.

Eli grew up around sportscasters. He is passionate about it and the names and faces surrounding it. He made it his mission in life to become one of "them", and succeeded! The book is written for those who love sports, because those who have a casual interest in them, may not be that interested. I think the book could have been improved by Eli sharing some of his wisdom with those wishing to follow in his footsteps. The book has some quirky, funny moments along with a few dry spells.