Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fest 2013

Beaverdam's fall Fest was a smashing success. We fed over 150 people. I have no way of knowing how many we had Trunk or Treat, participate in the games, or roast marshmallows- walk in the cake walk- ride the Hayride-or get their face painted. Here are a few pictures...

Savannah, our youngest Trunk or Treater. A spry 7 weeks old!

 Face painting

 Luke running a game station.

Our illustrious leader and her crew from Alice In Wonderland

 I can't believe that Reagen is old enough to Trunk or Treat!

 The Duck Dynasty crew was well represented at the Fall Fest this year

Who doesn't love a good cake walk!?

 Trunk or Treat time at Connie and Chuck's Trunk

Good ole Uncle Si, complete with Tupperware cup and Sweet Tea