Saturday, April 30, 2011

The NFL Draft

You know a sport is popular when their television show of the transition of armature athletes to professional athletes has more viewers than another sports actual games. Such is football these days, when more people watch the draft than a MLB game.

Some quick notes through the third round. (These are antidotal, and in no way statistically viable. I din't have time to run any standard deviation analyses in all my spare time.)

Looks like Miami has had a big draft so far, with five players taken in those opening rounds. Alabama is my big winner, though, having four go in rounds 1-3, but THREE of those in round one alone! Including Julio Jones to the Falcons. (Darn you Bengals. You could have had Jones two picks earlier and left AJ Green for us.) LSU and North Carolina also had four.

Speaking of which...apparently in the football world the proverb about bad guys finishing last doesn't hold water. UNC had four of its players go after the rules violations they had, AJ Green went #4 overall, and Cam Newton was the Top Pick. This only goes to show that the Universities are the only ones being hurt by the NCAA and their foolish, out-of-date rules. It's time to let colleges pay players a stipend that is fair and equitable. i.e. ALL players get the same money, regardless of team size, player ability, or supposed value to the team. The colleges rake in millions every year from these sports programs, and kids are selling their jerseys to go eat pizza. It doesn't add up, especially when the colleges are left to clean up their mess while the kids are signing huge bonuses with the NFL.

One last thing. Georgia had three go in the first three rounds. AJ to the Bengals at #4. Justin Huston to the Chiefs (Yeah, Dan!) at #70, and Akeem Dent to the Falcons at #91.

What about the Sons of Perdition you ask? Well, speaking of bad guys coming in last....Georgia Tech has had zero players drafted. Bwahahahahahahaha. What a rambling wreck.

Go Dawgs! Beat Tech!


Dan said...

Yay Dan indeed!!! It's going to be a great year to be a Chief's fan!

Steve said...

I've always liked the Chiefs and Oilers from the AFC. Naturally, the Falcons alone from the NFC.
So when I moved to Nashville the year before the Oilers became the Titians, it was a natural fit to be a big time Titians fan as well.

My choices were simple. Obviously, with the Falcons. The Oilers and Chiefs came as a seven year old boy who loved baseball cards. So, when football season came around, I got football cards also. For some reason Earl Campbell resonated with me/ I liked him, so I like Houston. (It didn’t Hurt that their coach was named Bum. I've always had a dry sense of humor.)

The Chiefs qb was from Clemson and his name was Steve. Can't remember his last name, (fuller, maybe) but it stuck, and there was a real bond for me between the Braves and the Chiefs. (The Braves owned the Atlanta Chiefs, a pro soccer team back in the '70's.)

I also love the KC Royals. Poor things. Again, tied to a player. For some reason George Brett is my all time fav baseball player. Pre-pine tar, too. Somewhere in an attic or shoe box, I still have all of his baseball cards. Between the two, I have loved the KC teams ever since.