Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Obama's Birth Certificate

I am sooooooooooooo glad that the POTUS released his birth certificate.

Maybe, just maybe, it'll stop the dribble that is taking our collective eye off of the important stuff that people have put aside. Like $4 gasoline and what that will do to our fragile economy. I know it is absolutely hurting MY fragile economy! Of course, it probably won't take the fruit-loops from assuming he's not a natural born citizen. It will just convince them that he's not a natural born citizen that will use the full resources of the US Government to forge a birth certificate. So, I'm expecting a flury of new allegations. Such as...hmmm,

Why is the background and border so seamless, if this was taken from one of those bound books? As the curl would suggest!? Hmmm?!

It sure does look in good shape for a fifty year old document! Mine's only 43 years old and it's got a lot more wear.

In the “This Birth” box there are two mysterious X's above “Twin” and “Triplet.” Is it possible that the POTUS is actually twins or even triplets. No doubt his duplicitous nature makes me wonder. Perhaps it is like in The Prestige movie--twins who live one life, hiding the fact from even their wives. That could explain his "I hate war," vs. "We must send more troops;" "I am a Christian" vs. bowing and scraping in front of the Dali Lama and his fascination with all things Islam; and his ability to take multiple vacations in a single month!

What is the significance of the mysterious penciled in numbers outside of some boxes?

Why, in box 21, does the “Signature of Local Registrar” read Ukelee? Is that a NSA agent's feeble attempt at "Proving" he was born in Hawaii? Hmmmmm???? I ask you! Hmmmm? (Note to the CIA, FBI, and NSA: It is spelled “Ukulele." I'm just saying! Is all.)

And the coup de' grace: If you copy the cert, found here, into MS Paint, why does all the pertinent information appear as a washed out white spaces. HMMMMMM!

Of course, I DO BELIEVE that the man was born in Hawaii. I do believe that he is a Christian. (I DO NOT believe; however, that he is a Believer; a true, regenerate, Christ follower. But most of the population that claims "Christianity" fits in the same category)
But I ask you, what is the point of following the conspiracy theory? Seriously! He is ALREADY the POTUS. So drop the crap and start worrying about important things, like:

Why he is telling us to buy a new car, instead of authorizing more drilling.
Why we are bombing Libya instead of recalling our troops from Iraq.
Why we are spending more money than it is possible for our grandchildren to pay back.
And why we are we so divided as a nation. (Last week I was called a racist by an old friend because I disagree with his policies. This is about ideology, not race. I didn't like Bill Clinton, John Kerry, or Howard Dean and I was just right wing. Now I still don't like the same policies, and I'm a Nazi!?)

So to the right I say: Fight the real battle. The battle of ideas and ideals, and jump off the Trump Band-wagon: it's headed for a cliff.

To the left I say, wake up a smell the coffee. We cannot spend ourselves out of this mess, and it's not racist to say so!


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