Saturday, April 30, 2011

C’mon, Man! #2


I am no royal watcher. Let me just say that. I saw the wedding, but only because Patty was watching it, and some of the afterwards carriage rides and such. I dig the pomp and circumstance, mostly because of the traditions and the soldiers all decked out.

But I have to say, Princes Beatrice!? Honey-bunches-of-oats! Even an uncouth, color challenged, redneck, colonial like me… would’ve known better than to wear that hat! EEK!

 C’mon, Bea!

It is so bad, it even has its own Facebook page. Now, friends and neighbors, That’s bad.

Of course, Maybe she wasn’t so fashion challenged, after all. Maybe. Just Maybe. It was her way of telling grandma how ticked she was that dear old mummy didn’t get an invite.


You go, girls!

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