Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memory Lane And Chunky Steve

So a friend sent me this picture today. ********sigh************

Makes Fat Pastor look mild by comparison.

Patty laughed and laughed when she saw that old Vaucluse Elementary picture. She said I was "chunky." Whatever that means. I though I was quite debonair. Check out those glasses on Miss Spradley! Some of the people in that picture I haven't seen in over 30 years yet I knew their names on sight and remembered every thing that was important to a fifth grader in 1979. I might not remember what I preached last month, but I'll never forget these kids from the final class of Vaucluse Elementary School!

 Go Rocks!

(Of course, I could use some photo shop guru to shave about 15lbs off me or work in this picture of me in  my Navy days.)

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