Friday, August 26, 2011

Boise State And Underwhelming Football

So there has been much discussion about the UGA v Boise State game. No doubt BSU has a great team. I would never consider them overrated; I learned that lesson watching the Football Kick-Off Classic last year. (You know the old joke about a Hookie being a castrated rooster???) The problem that Boise State fans don’t seem to get is that their team may be good, but their competition is not. All this talk about a BCS Championship game appearance is way over the top. Let’s say for arguments sake that BSU defeats UGA. All we will hear from Boise fans will be how they beat a SEC team and how that validates their contention for a BCS birth. But they should not get ahead of themselves.

First of all, as a lifelong, died in the wool, red-blooded, silver britches wearing, Bulldawg fan; let me be the one who says that UGA is not a stand-out SEC team this year (or for the last several, honestly.) Defeating the Bulldogs would be a good notch in their belt, but considering the SEC East Champion Gamecocks were ranked sixth in the conference, beating UGA does not equal being considered a first tier team—or deserving a BCS Championship spot.

BSU fans, it’s time to come down to earth and do a reality check. Yes, your first and last game of the season is always against a high level team and you perform admirably. The reason is because you don’t have the grueling week in and week out schedule. I know you are tied to your conference and I applaud you for scheduling anyone and everyone that will play you. But when the season is over, you will have played no ranked teams. (Maybe one…if TCU is still ranked.) South Carolina will have played five, Georgia will have played five, Alabama will have played seven, Auburn seven, and LSU seven. When Alabama and LSU play each other BSU will play UNLV. When USC plays Auburn, BSU plays Nevada. When UGA plays UF, Boise will be in a bye week coming off Air Force. And when the SEC Championship game has the two best SEC teams knocking each other off again, Boise will be starting to prep for their January bowl game.

Sorry Boise. Playing two ranked teams does not qualify you to jump a one loss SEC, PAC 12, or Big Twelve team. It just doesn’t.

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