Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stick A Fork In Me….


I’m done! Another semester down! When I graduated from THE Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I knew that I would eventually pursue a D-Min. (Well, I thought more like a PhD, buttttt… A Doctor of Ministry it is.)

Another semester down, another semester closer to May 2013 and the ultimate “stick-a-fork-in-me." When that day comes, you won’t have to read a post; you’ll hear me woot wooting where ever you are!

In other news, Luke starts school tomorrow as a Sophomore. My baby-boy. Wow! 2014 will be here sooner that May 2013 I think! I am actually ready to be an Empty Nester. Patty and I have never had that and I’m looking forward to traveling a little more, which we could do with just two of us.

 I am rapidly approaching 14k hits. Yeah, baby! Spread the word, people. Hit that share button thingy on your FaceBook. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read this stuff?! Plus, the sooner I get to 14k hits a day, the sooner I can start making some money on this thing! Then the traveling can start much sooner. KIDDING! I’m just kidding! Sheez. [It’d take at least a 100k a day to make any real money, anyway!] ha?

Patty is back at work and starting classes for her EdS. (Similar to a D-Min for teachers. It's an Education Specialist for you unrefined folks.) Some states call it 30+; meaning 30 hours over a Masters degree. But it is the same class work as an EdD, just no dissertation either. So we’re both in school together. Again. Oh well. At least this time when we’re done, there’s not much else to pursue.

Unless I finish that MBA……

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