Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obstacles Welcome

Having read books like From Good To Great, by Jim Collins, From Good To Great In God's Eyes, by Chip Ingram, and Jack: Straight From The Gut by Jack Welch and numbering them as some of my favorites on leadership, I could hardly wait for my copy of Obstacles Welcome: How to Turn Adversity into Advantage in Business and in Life by Ralph de la Vega to arrive.

I was not disappointed, as de la Vega jumped right into the story of his arrival from Cuba. In 1962, at 10 years old, he arrived in this country with out his parents. Very reminiscent of the Elan Gonzalez story, only de la Vega was not deported, but instead lived with friends of his parents. From there, de la Vega takes us on a journey of his meteoric rise through the ranks of one of the country's largest and most powerful telecommunications companies.

By utilizing the strengths of his faith, de la Vega was able to overcome the obstacles that can be detrimental to an immigrants success. While many stories are told of immigrants children rising to successful heights, this inspiring work is a first hand account of a man who lifted his self up from what could have caused others to wallow in self pity.

I would highly recommend Obstacles Welcome as not only a great book on leadership, but also as an inspiration saga of a great American.

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