Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bo Duke vs Superman's Dad


So I took my daughter to register for classes today. Afterwards we went to grab some lunch, and the conversation turned to TV. Stevie asked me if I had watched the latest Leverage episode, the one that stared the actor who played "Jonathan Kent." If you don't know, said actor is John Schneider, and he was in Smallville playing teenage Clark Kent's daddy. So. When did John Boy here become Superman's Dad instead of Bo Duke? Did I sleep through the last decade? Was there a SAG strike at some point that forced the populace to keep actors from being stereotyped? Or has the culture turned so relativistic that an iconic character portrayal is abandoned after a mere thirty year hiatus?


Getting old is no fun. I can barely type with two fingers, and now I have to text on that wee little keyboard. Although, for an introvert like me, texting is a far better communicative process than talking on the phone. And blogging is a wonderful help to sermon block. And this week I became "friends" with someone I have been friends with for thirty years, but haven't spoken to in ten. Thank you Facebook. I guess in my "old age" I am learning that some new fangled thingys are not so bad. After singing along with Margaritville for most of my life, I just learned today that it was a "pop top" that Jimmy cut his heel on. Not a "pied pot," which for three decades I took for either a Mexican confectionary device or some sort of sweet, yet pointy/sharp marijuana. I am almost afraid to do a Google search for Cheeseburger In Paradise, Lord only knows what that might turn up!

Of course, this is nothing astoundingly new, brilliant, or even revelatory for the Theologian Steve. The Bible has known for millennia that age is not the only conveyor of wisdom. Job said, " It is not only the old who are wise, not only the aged who understand what is right." (32:9) So maybe we old dogs need to learn a new trick or two.

Hmmm.                  "John Schneider staring as Jonathan Kent. Superman's Father!" (said in that movie guys voice over)

Nah. I still like Bo Duke. He always has been, and bless his heart, he always will be. Right, Job?


雅王任 said...


Steve said...

I guess I start Chinese lessons. A new feature of the Real Live Pastor!

Today's lesson:

"All of the assets, not being understanding, have become liabilities."

And there you have it folks. Confucius say so.

Steve said...


I'll start.

Dean said...

Being one of those who remembers the original "Dukes of Hazard"... I'm happy to see he wasn't stereotyped for life! It's nice to see some of the "good old boys" continuing to get decent acting jobs and not just being brushed aside. I think we all have to do a bit of re-creation of ourselves every few years... perhaps a lesson learned!