Monday, June 14, 2010

SBC Update # 2

The pastor’s conference ends on a very high note this evening. Wow! David Platt was just leaking Jesus all over the place. And when he prayed at the end, then the praise team transitioned into worship mode, well that’s just a little foretaste of what heaven will be like.

It was a great Calvinisticish message, with a great regard to the doctrines of grace. Hats off to David for challenging us. Andy Stanley was the bomb. He hit me right between the eyes, and I believe that every preacher should have to listen to that sermon (talk in his lingo) before taking a church. Al Molher was Al Molher. Deep, profound, and most importantly, true.

Now, for the disappointing aspects of the evening. Again with the GCR. Lord, have mercy. These people are going to drive me bonkers. And shame on Mac Brunson for the fake crying. I mean, really. Dude.
This is NOT a quote, but it is what I heard.
Mac: “I’m not going to pray about a vote.”
Me: “OK, good enough. I’m happy you’re not going to pray for a vote. I hope you pray for wisdom, God’s will, and for the SBC to come out of the vote a healthy convention of like minded churches.”
Mac: “Dear Larrd. Please be merciful to these sinners for not loving and living the Great Commission. Please open their eyes to the truth of Thy great gospel of the GCR. May they repent before it is everlasting to late, or around 2:45 tomorrow. Don’t punish us, your faithful followers, and let us not be persecuted for only trying to please Jesus, and the GCR TF.”

Ok, over the top I know. Listen, I like most of what the GCR has to say, and I am actually pretty sure it will pass. But the blatant, in your face, you’re either with us, or against Jesus, politicking is too much. Ronnie Floyd’s, “I want us to unite.” appeal, that so means, “we can only unite if we’re in favor of the GCR,” is divisive, in and of itself.

Listen, if, IF, the powers that be would have said to David Platt, Andy Stanley, Al Molher, David Uth, Tony Evans, etc, go preach the Great Commission, there would not even be a need for a vote. They were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more convincing than all of the off-putting GRC promo’s from the Task Force.

We need to be on our knees. But it needs to be about making the main thing the main thing. And what I have heard from both sides is that their opinion IS the main thing. But it is not. Adrian Rogers said it best during the tumultuous years of the Peace Commission. “We don’t have to get along. There doesn’t have to be peace. There doesn’t even have to be a SBC.” Later he said, “If you please Jesus, it doesn’t matter whom you displease. And if you displease Jesus, it doesn’t matter whom you do please.” I’m telling you, the SBC is a convention made up of small churches, ran by a handful of large churches. Right now, the small church crowd wants cooperation above all else. The large churches want their pet projects funded above all else. Jesus wants us to focus upon Him, above all else!

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