Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fail To The Chief?

So President Obama is supposed to fire General Stanley McChrystal later this week. The General made some less than flattering remarks about the administration in a Rolling Stones interview to be released Friday. (6/25/2010)

Now making public comments about the boss in a less than flattering way is never a good idea. But, hopefully, Gen. McChrystal is a soldier first, and a politician waaaaaay down the line. If we have any hope of Afghanistan not being another Viet Nam nightmare, we must learn the lessons of that war and not repeat them. Primarily, leave the soldiering to the soldiers and the politicking to the lair...ummm...politicians!

If Obama fires McChrystal, HIS CHOICE, after less than a year, for comments made on the fly, we are doomed to failure. The incompetence and lack of decisive leadership only arises in this president when he has been shown a personal affront.

Mr. President, let this warrior lead warriors, something I know your dainty resume knows nothing about, and you lead the pols. Please, Mr President, keep your panties out of a twist for the sake of our fighting men and women. Scold him, read him the riot act, and let him know you're the boss and that he serves at your pleasure! But don't show the world that we are afraid of getting our feelings hurt, and that our warriors are hen-pecked and unable to lead for fear of the political class. That, in my humble but accurate opinion, is what got us in this trouble to begin with.


Dan said...

You know what? I agree with you, which is a surprise for me since I am pretty hard-core on respecting the CinC. While the General should haven't said his piece, I am disappointed that he will be fired.

Steve said...

I agree. I don't think anyone should publicly dis the boss. If you don't like him, or his stand on issues, there are other jobs you can do. But this is a case of putting your feelings aside for the betterment of the country.

I did read another article that said the Prez is unhappy with his performance and this is just the proverbial straw. That's a good enough reason to fire him, but Obama should make sure we (and the Taliban) know that is why.

Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

the post above says something to the effect of, "thank you for your brisk blog." (Or so says Google translate!) ???????

Steve said...

McChrystal is out. Mr Obama said it was no because of personal comments, but because he said some things about him personally. Well, that's not an exacttttt quote.

Read all about it .....here