Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Update 2010

So the motion to release the GCR minutes failed. I voted for the amendment to release certain portions, but voted against the overall motion. The deciding factor was the fact that some poor soul of a whistle blower out there was having a week long heart attack. If certain people were promised confidentiality, they should have it. Also, I just wanted to know more from curiosity than anything else. If someone was promised a quid pro qou, … hmmmm…what to say, what to say…hmmm…what else is new?

So we are getting ready to head out. Back home. No Disney, no Hilton Head, not even a stopover in Charleston. Home to Cassatt, where it is a cool 95’ with a breezy 89% humidity. Orlando is the place of my birth, and I always enjoy it when I visit relatives. But it is 152 degrees outside and the humidity is at least a 1000%. You can see water vapor floating as you swalk down the street. (swim/walk.) So whether it is June or January, Orlando is too hot for Fat Pastor.

Where is this deal next year? Phoenix!? Good Lord! Well, you know what they say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.” Maybe things will be better in 2011.

(Maybe I’ll reach my goal weight before then)

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