Thursday, April 16, 2009

Satan Is A Nerd!

I have been preaching a series of messages about Doctrinal issues on Wednesday Night. I just started, last night, to talk about the doctrine of prayer. Who better to give the lesson than Jesus. So we will spend 7 nights looking at the Model Prayer and further lessons from Luke 11:1-10. This comes at a great time as our church battles in the heavenlies while experiencing a time of renewal. Attendance is up, the money is up, attitudes are generally positive. All of the signs are there that we are doing well and growing. However, the reason I know we are in a growth cycle is not numbers or human attitudes, but spiritual markers. Satanic oppression is afoot. I have never been as focused in my prayer life as I am right now. And Satan is aware and his minions are loading up on the fiery darts. The first assault came Easter. I am experienced enough to know that this was a scouting expedition. The first wave is yet off. Somewhere, in the distance, the thunder rolls and the short-hairs are standing up on the necks of the most spiritual in our church.
I am not complaining! This is a good thing from the standpoint of BDBC making a difference. It’s about time we came onto Satan’s Radar. Am I ready for a fight? I don’t know. What I do know is...I’m prayed up, filled up, and fed up! Fed up with smooth knees and sight walking. Fed up with human concerns being the primary issue. Fed up with getting mad over “burnt toast” issues while people in this community are dying and going to Hell.

It is not about is not about is all about Him.



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patty said...

I'm with ya, baby!