Thursday, April 16, 2009

The King James Version

OK, I should explain, for the uninformed, my view of the KJV. I love the King James. It is an eloquent and poetic version. Those who pay attention will notice that when I step away from my notes and quote the Bible from memory, I quote the KJV. I grew up with it and memorized scripture for years from it.

What I have a problem with is those folks who believe that the KJV is the ONLY Bible that can be used or is inspired. (Please see my post on Denominational Dirt from Tuesday August 5, 2008) I actually find it sad and ironically funny at the same time. Most of these folks are fundamentalist Baptist or Pentecostal. Let me let you in on the funny part. Look inside the front cover and notice that it is not the King James Version. It is the Authorized Version. It was King James the First who authorized the translation. Now keep in mind that James, as King, was the Head of the Church of England, the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church in America became the Episcopal Church. So when someone talks to me about the KJV only, I simply ask them why they want to use the Episcopal Bible. HaHa.
Any way…to say that a particular version of the Bible is that important is to place an idol before the Lord. Jesus saves, not a four hundred year old manuscript!



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