Thursday, April 23, 2009

Parliamentary Procedure Seminar, Part Deux

So the seminar was actually informative and fun. I think the average bear would have committed suicide about 3 hours in, but I rather enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll investigate becoming a Certified Registered Parliamentarian. I think I might have found something people would even consider more boring than a Certified Quality Engineer. If you can’t get them with the statistical anomaly and standard deviation, try a good dose of the finer nuances between “Laying a Motion on the table,” and “Indefinitely suspending a Motion.” Oh! Oh! Or how about the pronunciation of "precedence?" It is pree/seed/ance. Not press/id/ence. See, cause one motion must "precede" the next one. get it!? haha. Whew boy. My head hurts.

Fun times!



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