Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is risen!

It is Easter night. It has been a challenging day. It started at 3:15 am. The youth Easter Egg hunt ended about 9:30 last night. We started a devotional and I unplugged the nosiest ice machine in recorded history. We were having breakfast after sunrise and at 3:15 am, I awoke with a start and remembered that I had forgotten to plug it back in. Ahhhh. So here I go trekking across the sand lot that is our parking lot. Back to “sleep” until 4:30 when I get up to get ready for sunrise. Sunrise went well with a good crowd. Breakfast was wonderful. We have great cooks. Sunday school was wonderful. The music was very good. Just as I’m getting ready to preach, I am handed a note that was a huge distraction. I felt that the message was good, but that I was distant. We were invited to lunch with a lovely family. And then I napped. Well, I have been praying for some pretty specific things and I think the Devil is on the prowl. His attacks often come when I am relying on God the most. My sunrise message was Because He Lives. I am reminded that Because He live I can face tomorrow, that all fear is gone and that I can know, not just wonder, but know that He holds the future. Well I know that He is in charge. He is risen, indeed!

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