Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parliamentary Procedure Seminar

Tomorrow I am going to a seminar for learning Parliamentary Procedures. I wonder if Paul and Peter went to such a lecture? There was probably not a Roberts Rules of Orders to rely on, so the business meeting at First Baptist Church of Jerusalem was probably a doosie.

hmmmmmm.....James, the brother of our Lord, was no doubt the moderator. Simon the Zealot brought a motion to paint the Baptistery with a picture of the Jordan River. Phillip was concerned how they would pay for it, and Mary Magdalene made an amendment to the motion that the paint be purchased from Bethesda Depot, Lazarus’ new business venture. Matthew, the church treasurer, indicated he thought he could secure a tax exempt purchase agreement from his former protégé.

Peter and Paul, who have been to the Parliamentary Procedure class mind you, said that the motion must be sent to the property committee for further discussion. Which Thaddeus promptly said was against the By Laws.

Well, maybe not. Of all of the things I love about my beloved Southern Baptist Convention, business meeting is my least favorite. I believe it is the one place where other denominations have us beat. Presbyterians, for example, have a Session. This is a group of Elders, elected by the church, who make all of the decisions for the church. It works well.

Well, at least I’ll have fun at the class.



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