Friday, February 4, 2011

Love. * cultivating Spirit-given character

Calvin Miller has been a favorite author for me for several years. Back in the 2001 I discovered his writing for the Sunday school arm of LifeWay Christian Resources. His newest project is simply titled Love. Cultivating Spirit Given Character.

Miller takes us on a six week journey of discovering the deeper meaning of the word Love and its concepts. Love is more than a feeling or an emotion, Miller asserts. It is a word that is used flippantly in today’s culture, and overused by a society with little depth. True Love is seen most clearly as an attribute of God’s character. By focusing on the Fruits of the Spirit, Miller opens up the truest meaning of love. Of the nine fruits listed in Galatians 5, love starts them all, because it is the starting place for Spirit directed living, the first in a set of keys to achieving Spiritual Victory.

Broken down into six weekly studies that can be done individually or in a group setting, Love breaks down of preconceived notions of what Love is all about. Topics include defining love and understanding God’s longing and His unconditional love.

As with anything written by Calvin Miller, I highly recommend Love for your personal study, or in your Sunday School or Small Group.

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