Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disney Last Update

Disney was awesome! The kids had a great time, I had the opportunity to make some new friends and spend time with friends that I'd been missing. (Sorry Dwayne. Wish you were there...ummm... here. Well, you know.)

The kids loved the parks, Luke was in a park from open to close every day. And some days past close. (You can stay in the parks after they close if you are staying "on property." We did each park, but I didn't like the hopper option. I would have liked to have stayed in one park each day. Just me. I did get to do all of the things I wanted, with the exception of Space Mountain. Oh, and Soaring. Also, the race track at Epcot. And Rocking Roller Coaster. As I said, I would have liked one park per day better.

Kevin, Patty, and Stevie rest on a bench at the Magic Kingdom

I did get to go on Haunted Mansion and It's A Small World After All. (everybody sing now) Classics from my childhood! But by far the best part was sitting outside our hotel room each evening shooting the breeze with my new friend Robyn and Kevin, Vickie and Dennis an old friend Katherine. Not that she's old, but that I've been friends with her...oh never mind.

The Marching Knights at Epcot, 2011

What I realized today; however, was that for five glorious days, I was able to have an adult conversation that did not revolve around, or evolve into, a discussion about church and church politics. I did get to share about my faith some, but I didn't worry about the WORK that is church. So while my body is tired and sore, my soul and spirit are refreshed. It has been a full year, our cruise last February, since that has been the case.

A Very Tired Luke.

So thank heavens for this little break. I'm ready to charge Hell with a water pistol again! Of course, with Jesus by my side, it'd be with a really big fire hose!

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