Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Burn Or Not To Burn: The POTUS, Koran, And Mr. Magoo

I can't help but wonder; if a small mosque of Muslims in New Hampshire were about to burn a Bible, would the POTUS intervene, send the FBI, or otherwise interfere? The answer is no. The reason for that is that Christians would not kill Islamists for that act. However, it is interesting to me that we are cowering against threats to our service men and fellow Believers on foreign soil, from these so-called peace loving Muslims. I have heard little from the moderate Muslims on this guy's (loon or not) right to burn a book.

Now me personally, I think it is ridiculous. The whole argument. Mostly, I am ardently opposed to burning books. That is the beginning of the fall of freedom. But also, Terry Jones pastors a church of 50 people. That's half the size of mine. Why didn't the media send trucks when I threatened a Hell-Fire-&-Brimstone sermon Sunday if my Bulldogs lose to the heathen Gamecocks? Because nobody outside of my congregation cares. No one would know anything about this dude if ABC/CNN/Fox didn't give him the time of day. Now they say, "We won't cover it!" Yeah, riggggggght. And I've got some lovely ocean-front property in Tennessee you've got to see! No one would care but his 50 people had this not been sensationalized.

This is as proverbial a mole hill into mountain situation as I've ever seen. It's a book, you idol worshiping morons! If it is your word of your god Allah, then how weak he must be for his message to be so hurt by a little fire.

So a few things.

#1) Terry Jones is a grade A, certifiable loon. Just check out his rulebook for DWOC church. Please don't miss the spelling mistakes. Fife Fold Ministry? Whoa boy. And why are we going into a Holy War with this guy!?!?!?!!? (And thanks to my English Teacher wife for grammer checking my posts)

#2 Why are we (spelled: The US Government) getting our POTUS little hands dirty with another local situation? Mr. President; Sir. You cannot tell the Islamists that their rights as Americans allow them to build at Ground Zero, and tell Mr. Magoo here that he should have better judgment and be sensitive to the religious concerns of others. That's a two way street.

#3 This has ignited a firestorm, as now at least a dozen other churches plan on burning Korans Saturday. Shame on you story-mongering-yellow-belly-low-rent journalists for turning this into a potential disaster for our fighting men and women. Sometimes you just have to stop with the sensationalizing journalism, and let a non-story die its rightful death on the vine.

#4 For those of you who sympathize with Terry Jones, I've got three words for you. Westboro Baptist Church. Yep, those evil, evil, so-called Baptists from Topeka, Kansas. The American hating folks who protest Service Member's funerals? Yep. Terry Jones is affiliated with them and has rallied with them before.

Mr. Magoo, where are you? Gainesville, Florida!


Steve Finnell said...

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Dan said...

I'm sorry to be tardy reading this post. As you know, I'm more or less offline because of our home Internet situation. Anyway, this situation made me sick. I'm glad you wrote about it. I should have, but was unable.

Steve said...

Thanks Dan.

Good to know you're not lost IN civilization. haha. How's Chicagoland treating you?