Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Glenn Beck Gospel

I love Glenn beck as an entertainer and his political views somewhat align with mine. But we must never confuse that with his religiosity. Glenn Beck is not a Christian, he is a Mormon. He follows the teachings of a cult. And when he talks about revival, he is not describing Evangelicalism, or bringing America "Back to God." His ideology may be conservatism, but it is not the Gospel, and we must, MUST, stop believing the lie that it is. This is no different than what Satan told Eve in the Garden, or Jesus in the wilderness. The lie never changes, it just wears new clothes.

The following link is to a post by one of my profs at Southern, Russ Moore. It is a must read on this subject. Here is a snippet...

It’s sad to see so many Christians confusing Mormon politics or American nationalism with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not pessimistic. Jesus will build his church, and he will build it on the gospel. He doesn’t need American Christianity to do it. Vibrant, loving, orthodox Christianity will flourish, perhaps among the poor of Haiti or the persecuted of Sudan or the outlawed of China, but it will flourish.

And there will be a new generation, in America and elsewhere, who will be ready for a gospel that is more than just Fox News at prayer.

Well said Dr Moore. Read it in its entirety below. Please.


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Toyin O. said...

Amen to theat fox news comment!