Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carrabba's. Oh, Mama Mia!

Last Friday Patty and I went to Carrabba’s with some close friends for a meal and a time of fellowship. They are also a pastor and pastors’ wife, so Carrabba’s ain’t one of those places you go to lightly. This is a rare venture for us, and especially this destination, as Patty does not like Italian food, and even with a few trips to the Olive Garden, refused until now to try Carrabba’s. This turned out to be a wonderful decision. Personally, I love Italian and cannot get enough of it.

Our evening started off with a bang because of our waitress, Simona. I noticed when she greeted us at the table that she had a beautiful Italian accent. I thought for certain it was an act, and even commented as such to our friends. Nope. We found out she was from Italy; and if every Italian is as friendly, pleasant, and lovely as Simona, it must be a blessed country. She made the experience not only enjoyable, but I truly believe hearing the meals described in that amazing dialect made them taste better as well. Can you imagine hearing Pollo Rosa Maria being spoken with those rolling R’s. It was as if we were in Roma!

Speaking of food, mama mia! It took no convincing me that their food would be extraordinary, but they even made a believer of Patty, the Italian food hater. I spoke with the manager on duty, Reggie, and told him that I am the first to complain when things are bad, and want to be the first to complement when things are excellent. Following through with that, let me say that this was the most enjoyable restaurant experience I have ever had. The atmosphere, the service, the food, was every bit what one should expect. Bravo to you, Reggie and Simona, your restaurant was Just Il cibo migliore rammendare creato

Let me encourage you to try them out, and if you're local to Columbia, here's their address:

200 Graces Way
Columbia, SC 29223

Ask for server Simona

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Steve said...

Filled out a survey on the back of my receipt and now I've got a coupon for a free app. Score!!