Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VBS and Other Fun Stuff


VBS started last night, I’ll try to get pictures up later today. This year I am working a shop. (Craft table) which I’ve never done before. I’m usually the Tax Collector, Synagogue Leader, or Joseph from last year. So it’s a nice change of pace.

Other stuff:

Saturday night we went to see a fireworks display that had been delayed due to rain. We stopped at Mickie D’s for ice cream. Luke is a cookies and cream man. He usually gets a chocolate shake at McDonalds, but was hesitant because his last one there wasn’t very good. Soooooo, I encouraged him to try McDonald’s Hydrox Cookie Blizzard thingy. (A McFlurry I think they call it.) All of the sudden everyone is laughing. Apparently, Luke thought I was encourageing him to get a “Crack Rock Blizzard.” I am slowly learning to be less precise. From now on, it’s an Oreo Cookie McFlurry!

As we left the drive thru, I popped in a Bluegrass tape. (OK, to be precise, I turned on the auxiliary unit of our stereo system and played Bluegrass through my MP3 player.) I believe that Luke went into an apoplexy seizure or something. For someone who misses Kentucky so much, you would think he’d like Bluegrass a little more! Nope! Says Luke, “Rednecks call the people who listen to that ‘Rednecks.’”

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