Monday, July 11, 2011

A Dirty Window Theology


Abraham, who, contrary to hope, in hope believed. Romans 4:18 (NKJV)

I heard about a man who swallowed an egg whole. He was heard to comment later that he was afraid to move because he didn’t want the egg to break, and he was afraid to sit still because he thought it might hatch!

This poor old boy didn’t know which way to go! How like us! Many of us are like the chicken man here and me; we suffer from the paralysis of analysis. (At least that’s what Patty accuses me of much of the time.)

This is the opposite of what the Bible says about Abram. In Genesis 12 God called Abram and told him to leave his home. “Go where I tell you.” That’s all that God told Abram. “Leave and I’ll tell you when you get there.” Folks that’s faith. Paul says that Abram, “contrary to hope, in hope believed.”

I read a story about a special needs facility called the Sunshine Home. They specialized in dealing with mentally challenged children and adults. The facility was run by a Christian organization, and the leaders and care givers would constantly tell the residents about the Lord. One of the things they emphasized was the soon return of Jesus. This actually caused a problem for the custodial staff. Every morning the children would get out of bed and run to the windows and press their noses and hands against the windows to look at the sky and see if Jesus was there! This is a Dirty Window Theology. This is a theology that emphasizes hope.

Whenever your situation seems contrary to hope; when it seems like everything is against you, don’t be like the chicken man and be afraid to move, be like the residents of the Sunshine Home; be like Abram who contrary to hope, in hope believed.


Warren Baldwin said...

Good illustrations and great message. We need that hope today!

Steve said...

Amen, Brother!