Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony, Baseball, and Jesus


Two things I am thankful for:

1. That until yesterday I really had no idea who or what Casey Anthony was or had done. (Or, apparently…didn’t do.) I am shocked that a jury trial in Orlando State Court has had such an impact on people around the country. I’m glad that I watch FoxNews about once a week and rarely get drug down in the mire of Headline News Syndrome. The one exception being the last six months of a POTUS election. Then I care enough to keep up. Mostly, I feel that there is enough injustice; suffering; sickness; loneliness; and loss here in Cassatt, South Carolina to keep me busy.

2. I am thankful for little boys at Major League baseball games. Three boys sat in front of us at the game last night. We were in the second row from the field, next to the bullpen. (Obviously, they were FRONT row) The sheer delight of having their hero sign a baseball; the wide eyes, the gianormous smiles, the knowing looks shared between best buddies…well folks, that’s kind of the excitement and exhilaration I feel about heaven. Oh, and I can’t forget the really little boy sitting behind us. Question after question had me in stitches. “Daddy, why do they call it a bullpen?” “Daddy, why is he running?” “Daddy, why are those guys dragging a fishing net around the bases?” The exasperated father eventually said to his son that he didn’t need to ask any more questions while the game was being played. The dad then said to his neighbor something about a bad call by the ump. The little boy? “Daddy, why can you talk while they’re playing and I can’t?” Ah. An inquisitive spirit. Me too. “Daddy, why did you create the universe?” “Daddy, why did you send Your Son?” I am thankful for little boys at Major League baseball games.

Mostly, I am thankful for my Lord and Savior. He is the only news worth getting excited about! He’s the only game in town. He is Jesus.

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