Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ? Mathematical Proof Says “Yes!”


Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ? This week President Obama has called for Israel to recede to her pre-1967 borders, effectively giving the Palestinians (Spelled H.A.M.A.S. and I.R.A.N.) control over Jerusalem. Hmm. I have long postulated that the Beast of Revelation 13:1-8 would in some way bring a wary peace to the war torn region by allowing the Jews and Muslims to have both a Temple and the Mosque of Omar. In order to facilitate this, Israel would have to make large concessions, most notably in my eschatology, military control of Jerusalem. Notice that I did not say governmental control, just military. i.e Israel would maintain her sovereignty over Jerusalem, but the UN or some other equally “Neutral” group would police the city.

Now BHO is making the first overtures in that direction. There is no way, and I mean by that NO WAY, the nation of Israel will give up Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to her enemies. There is a strategic purpose as well as symbolic purpose to owning these two spoils of war. But, with worldwide pressure and a shrinking base of allies, she might give up control of policing the city. Everyone knows this, but just like selling a car, start off with asking for more than you want/know you can get, and “settle” on what you were really wanting all along. Hamas doesn't want control of Jerusalem as much as it wants Israel gone, but they'd settle for this in a New York minute.

But back to my question, “Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?” Well, the mathematical proof would suggest yes. Let me explain. In the ancient languages, each alphabet character as a corresponding number. In this, one could spell words with numbers, not just letters. This would be similar to texting, using the old telephone/letter equivalent.   i.e. 2 = a,b,c;    3= d,e,f;   etc.    Revelation 13:18 tells us that the Beast’s number is that of a man, and that this number is six-hundred and sixty six. (666)

So take our current president’s name. Barack. In the Greek language (The language that the Book of the Revelation was written) B=2; A=1; R=100;A=1;C=600; K=20. Add those together and it equals 724. But take away 3 because there is an unholy Trinity, multiply that 3 by 7 because that is the number of years in the Tribulation, subtract 3.5 for the first half of the Great Tribulation, then add back 70 for Daniel’s weeks of years, and divide by half (cause he’s half the man Jesus was) and subtract that all from the original 724. That gives you 650.25. Now take 3 for the Holy Trinity and multiply it times 5 for the number of books in the Pentateuch and a random variable integer of ¾ and you get….wait for it…666. Mathematical proof Ladies and Gentlemen. And Math don’t lie.
OK. So I made that up. But in light of Harold Camping’s new date of October 21, I couldn’t resist.

No, I don’t think BHO is the Anti-Christ. There are too many reasons to mention here, but mainly it is because I do not think the Beast will be an American. Most likely, he will be Italian, although I wouldn’t argue with any European country as his homeland. (See Daniel 9:26)

Nevertheless, that does not negate the fact that our president is making a grave error in his Middle East policy. By siding with Hamas he has broken a cardinal rule of politics and diplomacy—never barter with a terrorist. Once again, the POTUS has shown the world that he is more akin to Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan. The only thing these people understand is a firm hand and an unshakable stance. That is why Israel has been so successful in defending her borders, against over whelming opposition. Mr. President, I implore you…do not move away from Israel. Do not kowtow to these terrorist thugs. If anything, give Israel your blessing to continue building settlements in the land that rightfully belongs to her. After all, if taking land by force, especially when you were not the instigator in the hostilities, is wrong, then shouldn’t we give California back to Mexico?

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