Saturday, March 5, 2011

Obama Wants Higher Gas Prices


Well, we are well on our way to $4/gallon gas prices again. We were living in Atlanta when they hit around $4.80 back in '07. Talk about "end times" scenarios. People believed that was Armageddon! The wailing and gnashing of teeth was amazing. (And that was just from me!) We were spending about $150/week on gas that summer. It wouldn't be anyway near that bad now, but I did put $120 just in the van THIS WEEK! Granted that included a trip to Charleston to see Patty's DR, but still!

It is interesting because, apparently, our fearless leader up in the House of White wants $4/gallon gas! Link

So............brace yourselves. It's coming.

Oh, and by-the-way, oil was trading at $147 a barrel in '07 when gas hit $4. At the current rate, it will make $4/gallon at much less.  Link


Technically Speaking.... said...

What does he care? He doesn't buy the fuel that goes into Air Force One. I strongly dislike that man. He is so bad for our country, and since I believe the gas prices are the main cause of our poor economy, this pretty much says to me that Obama wants a poor economy. Thanks, Dude.

Steve said...

Too true sweetie!