Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lincoln Was A Racist

So apparently, now Lincoln was a racist. As we get ready to celebrate our greatest president's 150 anniversary (of his inauguration) people want to look back with revisionist historical eyes and criticize.

But I know the truth.

The liberals just now figured out he was a Republican. Can you imagine that? A Republican ended slavery, won the civil war, instituted civil rights, and was in the process of reuniting the nation when he was assassinated...

wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Assassinated by a Democrat!

Go figure.

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Indeed the state of our government is a sad affair. Even more sad is the fact that the truth of our country's history is hidden from the current generations.

But as Christians we should not loose hope. God ultimately is the one who allows rulers to gain power. Let us continue serving Christ with as many people as we can!

Nations will fall, wars will continue, and all this in an accelerated rate until Christ returns. But remember that He has overcome the world and we know how the story ends!