Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st

Ahhhhhh. July 1st. The air is sticky and humid, and it is unbelievably hot. At least 152*.....Celsius! PTL for the invention of air conditioning.

July means ripe watermelons the size of mini-vans, kids running through sprinklers, fireworks displays, patriotism, and vacations.

It also means that kick-off to college football is in 66 days. How 'bout them dawgs!? (Living amongst the enemy is never easy, but when one of their teams wins a national title in anything, it makes it even more so. Plus this year we have a good chance of NOT beating USC in football.)

But this year, July will be dampened a bit. Please pray for my Mom and Dad. Both are in poor health. So, we will take our "vacation" and go to possibly the hottest place in the universe, in the middle of the hottest month, and see them. My mom's next Dr's appointment is July 12 at MD Anderson, where she will have a PET scan. I believe that my dad is too stubborn to get worse, but pray his heart holds out through this next few weeks of intense stress, and that we can convince him to have the angioplasty before mom's "completely well."

Hmmm. Is stubbornness hereditary?

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patty said...

yes, as a matter of fact it is! get back on your plan, mister man because I love you too much to see you sick, you know my low tolerance for that:)