Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Here To There And Back Again

A few great quotes from great men of yesteryear. Mercer has all but abandoned these principles set forth near her beginning.

"There have appeared men in these later days who feel persecuted if they are not allowed to enter pulpits established to uphold a given set of principles, and there to overthrow the very doctrines the church is set to defend. Men who do not preach the accepted doctrines of the Baptists, have no right in Baptist pulpits, and it is no abridgement of their rights nor any persecution to keep them out. We are under no sort of obligations to furnish heretics with means to subvert the truth." ~ J.B. Gambrell, the President of Mercer University from 1893 - 1896


John Wesley, founder of Methodism, who would ask his young men returning from preaching two questions. "Did anyone get saved? Did anyone get mad?" If they answered no to both he told them they were not called to preach, for "a sermon will either lead a soul to Christ or the truth will anger them."

We must return to the day where we no longer feel so threatened by political correctness or "church growth" strategies that we abandon the true message of Jesus Christ. We must know of no other, except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.


Dan said...

Amen my friend! Great quotes. I love hearing what great men and women who went before us think about things. It's a great reminder!

Steve said...

Thanks, Dan.

Steve said...

OH, and Dan,

Fair winds and following seas, brother.