Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Max Lucado has done it again. With Fearless, Lucado tackles the most basic of human emotions. Why do we suffer from fear? Lucado opens up the book by asking this question. He then spends the next thirteen chapters detailing some basic fears that most of us suffer. The last chapter summarizes the book by looking to God to protect us. After all, if God is in control, why should we fear anything?

In typical fashion, Lucado mixes humor with emotion, story-telling with object lesson, and ourselves in perspective with God. He has woven these qualities into a tapestry of emotion. By recounting fear in his own life, he opens up the imagination and allows us to contemplate our own fears in our own lives. In doing so, he opens up a window into some dark places. However, this ultimately allows the light of Christ to shine in.

This work also includes a study guide for each chapter at the end of the book. This would make for a great solo study, or even in a small group setting or Sunday School class.

If you are like me and have loved any of Max’s work, (I own a copy of all of his Christian living titles) you will be especially drawn to Fearless. I highly recommend it!

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