Monday, September 28, 2009


So it's been a while. If you're still out there and checking my site, thanks!

The last few weeks were full. Between administrative duties (we Southern Baptist run on a different schedule. September 1st start our new SS year, October first starts our new financial year, and January 1st starts our new calendar year), sermon prep, I also had four funerals this month, several major surgeries in the church, and I found out that I have diabetes. A full September for sure.

We have learned much about diabetes, including a session with the PA at our doctor's office that specializes in diabetes awareness. We have much to learn, but we are confident that a change in life style, coupled with medications will allow me to control the disease without becoming insulin dependent.

On the church front, the new church year and resumption of the school year has brought our attendance up. This is always encouraging.

So we battle on, as always. I am hoping to resume regular post in the month of October and cathch up on some of the topics I have missed.

With love to all and in Him,

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