Monday, August 10, 2009

Rick & Bubba’s Guide To The Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

A Book Review

It is not to often that I laugh out loud while reading a book, but I certainly did while reading Rick and Bubba’s Guide To The Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage. The story Rick told about husbands, wives, and driving directions is hilarious. Having said that, calling this book a “Guide’ is rather tongue in cheek. The boys spend the majority of the book poking fun at themselves and their respective spouses. As I mentioned earlier, it is humorous, but lacks a lot of substance.

In reality, I would recommend the book for wives to read, so that they could get an idea for what their husbands are truly feeling (err, thinking. We men don’t tend to “feel” very much when it comes to relationships.) Guys, if you would like a good laugh then this book is a good choice. This is especially true considering the bonus CD that includes spots from their radio program.

To use this as a study might be a stretch. However, it would be a good companion study along with How To Get Your Husband To Talk To You, by Connie Grigsby and Nancy Cobb. My wife has led this as a ladies study at our church and it was a huge success. The two could be combined for men to study Rick and Bubba while the ladies studied Connie and Nancy.

Well, food for thought.



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