Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blessedly Old

Here are a few reasons I feel old:

1) Children: Today my BabyGirl registered for classes at college. ***siiiigh**. As if the constant reminders about my graying hair and receding hairline didn’t make me feel old enough, I only have one left in school.

2) Diets. I started dieting last week. When I was young I could cutback a little, drop the cokes and up the water and lose weight. I did good this week. Weigh in was today and I have lost 5 pounds. Not bad for week one, but I know I’m getting old because I didn’t LOSE any of it! I know exactly where it went. A lot more work goes into it now. I am considering a new blog. I can chronicle my weight loss journey. I think I’ll call it FatPastor.

3) Twitter. I came in to the blog world hesitantly, but soon found I loved it. I came into the FaceBook world kicking and screaming, and found it to be laborious and boring, but OK as a communication tool. Please don't ask me to join your mafia. I don't even know what that means! Twitter I don’t get. Never will get. I feel like some of the seasoned adults at church when they speak of computers. “I don’t know nothing about ‘em, and don’t want to learn!” Amen, on Tweating.

Let me ask you; are "Twitters" egomaniacs that think that I really care that they just ate lunch, or are they so consumed with their consumer electronics that they must justify the thirty bucks a month they pay for their Media ad-ons by updating their status sixteen times a day? Where do you people work!? How do you have time to tap out sixteen status updates on that wee little keyboard? In either case, Leave Me The Heck Alone! Tweat to some one who has time to read a bajillion texts a day! And let me tell you, that ain’t me!

Here are a few reasons I feel blessed:

1) This is the day the Lord has made.

2) I will rejoice and be glad in it.

3) I ministered to a family today, (a group of siblings) that made the toughest decision of their adult lives. Details can be spared, but I spent my day at a nursing home. It was heartbreaking all around. In the midst of the anguish; however, we all laughed as their mother relished in her talking teddy bear. It was a beautiful moment of levity in a stress filled day. And I silently thanked Jehovah Jireh, the Lord Who Provides, for that blessed moment.

Thank Him always,
for everything,
for He is worthy!

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