Saturday, June 27, 2009

SBC Wrap Up and Vaction

SBC Wrap Up

As always, I find the SBC a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Although I didn’t hear enough preaching this year, it was still an up lifting experience. Met many old friends. Spent too much time in the Lifeway store booth and not enough at the seminary booths. Had our picture made by Olan Mills, missed that the past few years, and spoke with SEBTS about their D Min program. I think I’ll stick with CIU for now.

The political back room, good-ole-boy system that took a ding with Frank Page’s election is back in full blossom. The GCR task Force was practically on the podium when the vote to form it was being taken. This is not surprising, mind you. Nor were the names listed. I am continually amazed that the small church pastors, who make up 80% of the churches are left off things like this. Our perspective will be sorely missed.

We took a firm stand FOR our beliefs by removing Broadway Baptist. This was not a stand against homosexuals. They do that well enough by themselves. This was an affirmation of a Biblical truth.


Well, we’re off to the beach for some relaxation on the sand and some catching up on my reading. On my reading list for this ask with baited breath.?. Here are a few

What Every Christian Ought to Know: Essential Truths for Growing Your Faith (a reread)

What in the World Is Going On? 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Signs of Life: Back to the Basics of Authentic Christianity

Darwin on Trial

Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives: Rediscovering Some Old Testament Characters

The Significance of Salvation: A Study of Salvation Language in the Pastoral Epistles

Just kidding on that last one. Wanted my brain to look bigger!


patty said...

that reading list? snore!

Steve said...

We can't all read Terri Blackstock and have a good time.