Saturday, June 20, 2009

* Anonymous

You know who you are. I have received unsigned cards and letters before, and I am not intimidated by them. I suppose all pastors have...from time to time. Dwight Moody did. Often, actually. He has the greatest one-liner of all times. Once, during a revival meeting in 1899, Moody was handed a note with one word, “Fool!” When he arose to preach he mentioned the note saying, “I have received many letters with no signature, but never a signature with no letter.” HaHa.

As I said, I have received a few before. Two came to me and one to my deacons while in Symsonia. They basically said I was an idiot and that the deacons were cowards. The funny thing is that even though the person thought they were anonymous, we all knew who had written them. (Hi Mureen.)

I received an “anonymous” card yesterday. You know who you are. And can I just say...
Thank You. The card was sweet, the timing perfect, and you are incredibly appreciated. I do believe that God gives us the strength to endure, but a little pick-me-up from a friend (or friends) is always great! Patty and I are thrilled, as always, to have such a loving group of people to be blessed to pastor. So again I say, thank you (or thank y’all.)

May God bless you with his special favor and wonderful peace. (1 Peter 2:1)



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