Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SBC Observations Part Deux

1) The most notable thing was the absence of any motions made by Wiley Drake. Perhaps he was afraid to fly after praying imprecatory psalms against the president, or since making threats against the president is a crime, perhaps he has been added to the No Fly List.

2) It never ceases to amaze me how “Calvinists” are blamed for everything wrong in the convention. This latest attack comes from Morris Chapman, most likely caused by the GCR document. Like many in power, Chapman seems most afraid of losing his grip, and the money is the most important tool in keeping said power. So he lashed out at Dr Mohler who made the GCR motion.?. I can tell you this, not a single one of these anti-Calvinists can say that Dr Mohler does not believe in sharing the gospel or trying to win the lost! It was under Dr Mohler leadership that Southern requires all seminary students to take Personal Evangelism, for Pete’s sake! And the only ones who are making a fuss are the anti-Calvinist folks. Most of whom I have known drive off plenty of folks every year all y themselves.

3) There was a lot of name-calling this year. It is wise to remember that labels libel.

More to come….


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