Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Tale of Two Storms

I first read a tale of two cities when I was sin 7th grade. As a 7th grader, I wasn’t impressed with the assignment, but I did enjoy the book. And it left an indelible impression. When I read the story of Jonah again, I thought about this post…a Tale of Two Storms.
In the Gospels we read about a storm that was raging on the sea of Galilee. Jesus was asleep in the bottom of the boat. Sound familiar? The storm came up and the winds blew and the sailors were pretty concerned about the hydrological security of the vessel. They began to form a bucket bridge and finally someone thought to themselves and said…”Hey! Where’s Jesus? We could use another bucket passer.” No really, they said “We could use some help.” Help. But what kind? Jesus was tired. I mean to the bone, dead-to-the-world, as exhausted as a muffler tired.
Here is the real problem with the Panic 12 up on the poop deck. It was as if thy believed that Jesus was only God when He was awake. “Wake up, Sleeper!” See they woke Jesus up and He walks out and says, “BE QUIET!” The Greek work used here is siopao. It can be interpreted as “Shut up!”
Sometimes I wonder who He was talking to. Listen to the disciples’ question, “Do You not care that we are perishing?” Does He not care!? Does He NOT CARE!? Are you serious? Do you know the reason Jesus was so tiered? He had just learned that His cousin and herald was just murdered. He had spent the entire day preaching and healing, and let me tell you that when Jesus healed everyone got healed. The time didn’t matter to Him. But His human body had caught up with His God nature, and He was exhausted. And so He slept. The lesson here was that the Disciples needed to see Jesus in His vulnerability and contrasted with His Divinity. They saw a sleepy eyed prophet that was able to control nature with just a syllable, siopao.
The contrast is clear. God, sleepy and tired from doing good, and a rebellious man of God sleeping through his guilt and shame. I am glad I have a Savior that had to sleep. I am glad I had a savior that cried. (John11:35) I am glad I have a Savior that got hungry. (John 4:8) And I am glad I have a Savior that suffered from a little anxiety. (Luke 22:42)
Perhaps most of all I am glad I have a Savior that had to ask God Why? (Matthew 27:46)
You see if Jesus had some vulnerability, He can be more of a Savior to me. If Jesus asked God the Father “Why?” how much more should I feel OK with asking God Why.
Lastly, I am so Glad that I have a Savior that can calm a storm with a word. Siopao. Be quiet and know that I am God.

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