Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Gospel According To Sconyers

Well, we’re off on another grand adventure this weekend. No, not vacation, another preaching trip. The kids call these “working vacations.” I guess this time they may be right, as we are headed home to Augusta. That means we get to eat at Sconyers! That may not mean much to you, unless you’ve never been to Sconyers or have not had to take years off from eating there. I can fully empathize with foreign missionaries. I’ve never given up electric service, running water, flushing toilets, or American amenities. But I have made other sacrifices for the Lord, and eating “foreign barbecue” is certainly one of them.
In Tennessee, they do not add sauce to the meat—they will, however, give you vinegar if you’d like. Yaack! They also have the annoying habit of putting coleslaw on a BBQ sandwich, unless you ask them NOT to. What’s up with that? Forget that one time, and you’ll never forget again. In Kentucky they did provide sauce. But it was generally sweet and smoky. Not bad, but it is certainly not Sconyers. The spices were all off. Another thing they did in Kentucky was BBQ ham. That was a treat. So the meat was not a problem, but they give you white beans with everything. And don’t get me started on white beans and catfish! No Grits!? Totally uncivilized. How can one be expected to eat catfish and hush puppies without grits? And any kind of BBQ with out hash and rice is just another meal.
Wow, now folks, that is a rabbit being chased! We will call this the Gospel According to Sconyers. Anyway…like I said, we are preaching for another church this weekend. They are in Cassatt, South Carolina. Another place that has good BBQ, by the way. Yellow BBQ. Mustard based, you see. Anyway, before I chase more rabbits, let me get on point here. The church we are preaching at is our home church, where we were married. In the morning service, they have asked me to give testimony to what God has done for us and then they are going to pray for us. I have preached at Crestview twice. (Once in 1993. It was my first sermon. It lasted about 5 minutes. For those of you who know me, and are thinking in a loud inner voice, “INCONCEIVABLE!” don’t worry, I just preached the same five minute sermon three times. We still beat the Methodist to the restaurants that day, but I did get in fifteen minutes. The second time was homecoming a few years ago. Tough crowd.) On Sunday night, the third time will be for the PSC. James says that the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much. The word fervent is a good ole King Jimmy term for hot. So those of you reading, pray until you work up a sweat. Pray for us. Pray for the committee. Pray for God’s will do be done. We could use it.



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