Monday, July 7, 2008

Gap Creek Baptist Church

So I haven’t written in a few days. That is because I have been asked to go to Cumberland Gap Tennessee to preach for a church that is interested in possibly calling me as their pastor.
I preached on Judges 3:31, "Shamgar, The Man Who Did What He Could." In a nutshell, Shamgar did what he could, with what he had, where he was, and he did all for the Glory of God. He did what he could (killed 600 Philistines) with what he had (an ox goad) where he was (on a rough road. see Judges 5:6) and he did all of that for God’s Glory (to save Israel).

The meeting went very well. The church is full of incredibly sweet and godly people. As you would imagine, pastoring a church in the East Tennessee Mountains would be an absolute answer to prayer, but pastoring a church full of this caliber of people anywhere would be amazing! For those who know us best,you know that our last two churches represented their own challenges. We loved everyone, but we were not always loved. At FBC, our ministry was a ministry of bonding. We, I believe, helped the church through a rough time as she found her footing and wrestled with doctrinal challenges. When I say rough, think stucco bathtub!

At CRBC our ministry was to bring healing to those who desired healing, and to show the door to those who did not. While we grew personally at CRBC, we were once again asked to love people who needed help in learning to love, especially one another. The "Great Split of '97" colored everything that we tried to do, and eventually became a burden we could no longer bear. It was 2007 after all.

I honestly believe that if God calls us to Gap Creek, it would be for the sake of loving people just because PEOPLE deserve to be loved. The church’s vision for a leader and our philosophy of ministry are a good match. As previously stated, the church is full of sweet folks who love the Lord. And they are growing and desire to continue. They are about 175 in SS currently, although the church was full Sunday. And the choir is awesome. If it is God’s will, we will go. If God has more challenges, a longer timetable for rest, or just another great church, we are open to His leading. Pray for us as we pray through!

Wherever He leads, I’ll go!



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