Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well, Glory!


For the first time in eighteen years of ministry, I missed our church’s Easter Egg Hunt. Fortunately, I did not miss all the festivities at our 1st Annual Spring Picnic. I started about three hours before everyone else, setting up tables, games, my grill for the hamburgers and hot dogs, and started my (soon-to-be) world famous baked beans.
It was a blast. It rained liked Noah’s flood at times, but we moved stuff around and other than being a little wet, it was fine. We had kids playing games like the Easter Egg relay and Plinko. The men were outside playing corn hole and horseshoes, grilling hot dogs and, no doubt, telling tall tales. The youth were stuffing and then hiding eggs, and the women were busy in the kitchen or fussing over who got to hold the fresh babies.

I just reveled in the glory of it all.

We have four folks put in the same hospital over the week-end, so I felt like a doctor making rounds through the ICU and surgical waiting rooms, pediatrics floor, and a “self-contained pulmonary safe room”. (Or something like that.) 
Which is why I had to leave the picnic early and miss the egg hunt.

We might not have had a thousand at our egg hunt, but I guarantee you that any church that did, did not have as much fun as our little church in the country.

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