Friday, January 14, 2011

Today Was A Little Different

I just preached my twentieth funeral since arriving at Beaverdam in December of 2008. To put that in perspective, I've--maybe--preached twenty funerals in the previous eighteen years I've been in ministry. Today was a little different.

I'm usually not overly emotional; pastors must be somewhat desensitized so that we can be objective, rational, and consoling during times of loss. But, today was a little different .

The funeral was for a gentleman I did not know as well. I know the family very well, but I'd only spoken with him a few times. Like I said, Today was a little different .

He was young. 47. Massive heart attack in his sleep. He left a wife and a four year old. When the service was over, doing what we Baptist do, I hugged the wife around the neck and whispered some words of encouragement. Next was the 4 year old. Today was a little different.

I hugged him and told him that I loved him and that it was going to be alright. That Psalm 68 says that the God of heaven is a Father to the fatherless. Then he grabbed me around the neck, squeezed as hard as he could, and starting sobbing. And so did I.

Today was a little different.

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