Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love it when it snows in Dixie!

So we ended up with a little over 6". Total white out conditions! The town has been shut down for a week now. No school until Tuesday (Monday was already a holiday) so the kids will have missed five days that have to be made up. Bye-Bye Good Friday.

Ahhh...Life in the South.

Our dog Dixie. She had to leap out of the snow with every step.

Snowball fight! Well----snowdust fight. This was some dry that an oxymoron? Anyway, it was powdery.

Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone gets snowdust in their eyes!

of course, retribution always makes things better. And snow down the collar works too.

What's retribution?

Hey! My hands are frozen together!

And, naturally, there's the one wacko that thinks it's a lovely day from a drive! (Double click the picture and notice how close they are to running over my phone box. At this point you couldn't even see the road.)

Ok, to recap. We had 6" of snow followed by 1/4" of freezing rain. The temps then plummeted to the upper teens. The ice covered snow solidified into tundra Alaska would be proud of, and has hung around in the shaded areas despite a recent 35* heat wave. Our county has no salt and only one truck with a plow, the one they use to scrape the dirt roads biannually. Yes, WE still have dirt roads. They're actually kinda sandy...but I digress. The town's been shut down for five days and counting and the kids are begging to go BACK to school.

I love it when it snows in Dixie!

Blessings, Y'all!

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