Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Carrabba's Is Listening!

So Patty and I went to spend our survey coupon for a free appetizer at Carrabba's Friday night. As reported earlier on this blog ;) we really enjoyed our first visit there. We asked for Simona our server last time and was told she was now a manager! So during our dinner, Simona makes her rounds checking on tables and we strike up a conversation.

Turns out, the email I sent (see post below)  to Carrabba's corporate HQ was successful. Apparently, the Big Cheese over at Outback was, of all things, on vacation in Italy. Can't help but smile at the irony there. So THE boss gets the email and presto, Simona has a bump. It is nice to know that customer comments get attention in the corporate world, at least at the Outback Family.

Oh, and bye-the-way: the food was delizioso, come sempre



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