Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dr. Preacher II

Another class closer to Dr Preacher.

Just completed Advanced Family And Marital Counseling. And just started my research project for my D-Min. It will be about a two year endeavor researching and writing about the effects of premarital counseling on divorce, and how a potential mentoring program for the church might help prepare engaged and newly wed couples for the issues that wreck many marriages. Prevention. Many ladies have worked out the minutest detail of their wedding by the time they enter adolescences; much less before some shlub asks “will you?” Yet, in all that planning of perfect dresses and seven tiered cakes, they neglect to plan for what to do when they face financial trouble, mother-in-law conflicts, and (shhhhh) sexual issues. (For him, consider the analogy of proper automotive maintenance: counseling likened to oil changes and tire rotation. i.e. preventative maintenance now is far less costly that repairs later!) However this analogy breaks down by gender, the point is the necessity of starting the marriage out right. Mentoring can help alleviate the troubles that married couples experience in those critical first five years.

The end will justify the time, energy, and effort that I will put into the task. But, please pray for me as I negotiate the aspects of writing a formal research project.

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