Wednesday, May 1, 2013



                                                          DOCTOR OF MINISTRY
                                                          Program GPA: 4.00

Course No.                              Course Title                                                                 Grade 

DMPC 927      BIBLICAL COUNSELING AND THE LAW                                    A
DMBC 811     ADVANCED BIBLICAL EXPOSITION                                            A
DMPC 827      ADVANCED BIBLICAL COUNSELING                                         A
 DMPC 929      THE SKILLED COUNSELOR                                                          A        

TH 535            APOLOGETICS                                                                                A        
CO 620           BIBLICAL COUNSELING IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY            A        
EV 710            PRINCIPLES OF CHURCH GROWTH                                           A        
BE 523            CHRISTIAN RHETORIC                                                                 A        
TH 561            VALUES AND ETHICS                                                                   A        

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